Telephone calls

In the past, one of the hardest things parents of Midshipmen have to adjust to was the inability to pick up the phone and call their son or daughter. Fortunately, midshipmen are now allowed to use cell phones, and there are no longer phones available in the rooms at Bancroft Hall to be use during the academic year (no phones during PLEBE SUMMER).

E-mailing Your Mid

Fortunately, with the modern wonders of computer technology, we have a way to communicate with the Midshipmen on a regular basis, through the use of a computer. This is the way all Midshipmen communicate on a daily basis and a medium they are very used to. All grades, announcements, movement plans,
orders and announcements are transferred to each Midshipman via his/her computer. Some parents "talk" on a daily basis with their Mid's, once Plebe summer is over. 

Every Midshipman has an E-Mail address: (m[alphacode]

You can contact your midshipman by e-mail via computer, you can leave messages for your Mid any time, day or night. Your Mid will receive these messages when he/she checks their e-mail messages. Since most of the communication on the Yard is through computer, they will be checking their e-mail daily for messages from professors, other mids, high school friends now at other colleges, hair cut schedules, grades etc. Each time your Mid checks electronic mail, your letter will be retrieved as new mail. You can leave a message on a regular prearranged time schedule or just whenever you have the urge or need. You stand a much greater chance of receiving an e-mail message from your Mid than a letter. It's much easier for the Mid and you to communicate in this manner. Your Mid's computer flashes them a message when they have mail waiting in their in-box. He or she then answers by the same medium or calls home on a telephone, whichever is appropriate. 

We strongly recommend this method of staying in touch with your Midshipman.

This is NOT a program for computer nerds only! Anyone who can turn on a computer and type should be able to use this medium for keeping up with the everyday life of your Mid. While a letter may also be sent it takes on the average three or four days for the Midshipmen to receive their mail at Bancroft, while an E-Mail message is there in about 27 seconds!!!

Texting your Mid

Texting is also permitted (no texting during plebe summer, and after plebe summer, only if your midshipman rates his cell phone). Naturally you can text anytime, but be the midshipman needs to be careful about their text tone going off at an inappropriate time.

U.S. Mail Service

After Plebe Summer, your Mid's mailing address will change.  Anything usually mailed within ten days of the end of Plebe Summer will be returned to you so don't be surprised if a letter, card or package mailed late is returned to you.  PLEASE, have your Mid share that updated mailing address with the Parents' Association in order that they can receive care packages sponsored by the USNA Parents' Club of Arizona.  They can send the updated mailing address via e-mail to:

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