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Welcome to the USNA Arizona Parents Club!

As proud parents of current and former students of the United States Naval Academy (USNA), we extend a warm welcome to you. Our club is a tight-knit community of Arizona-based families dedicated to supporting our midshipmen and fostering camaraderie among fellow parents.

Join us in our mission to support our midshipmen and strengthen the bond among Arizona families connected to the USNA. Together, we honor their commitment to service and excellence.

Join the USNA Arizona Parents Club Today!

Club Membership is open to all family members of United States Naval Academy Appointees and Midshipmen, USNA Alumni, current and former Blue and Gold Officers, and anyone interested in supporting the Naval Academy at the local level.

The Class of 2024 USNA Crest Blankets are Here!

Custom "Class Crest Blankets," with the unique crest design and motto for each class, are only available through the USNA Parent Club of Arizona!

These beautiful, woven cotton blankets feature the unique crest of the graduating/commissioning class and make thoughtful gifts for every midshipman, family member, sponsor, special friend, former coach, teacher, or mentor.

The Navy Blue and Gold Blankets(TM) are 100% cotton, measure a comfortable 48" x 60", and are MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE U.S.A. The colors of the blanket are truly Navy Blue and Gold!!

Additionally, we received 2024 class crest throw blankets that were miscolored in Army black and gold instead of our Navy blue and gold. I am going to give two of them to my Army family friends who also happen to love and support our midshipman! When they open the package, they’ll probably think they got an Army blanket, but they’ll be surprised when they open it to see the Navy class crest.

These miscolered 2024 class crest throw blanket are available individually or in a bundle of two at a discounted price.

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