Communicating with Students

Learn about the rules and regulations regarding how and when you can communicate with your student and vice versa.

Telephone Calls

Midshipmen are allowed to use their cell phones, but cannot walk and be on the phone when in uniform.  During Plebe Summer, they will get three phone calls home for about 20 minutes each time.  There will be NO cell phones available at any other time during Plebe Summer.  

Texting Your Mid

Texting is also permitted (NO texting during PLEBE SUMMER because no phones, computers, watches, etc. are allowed).

Emailing Your Mid

Every Midshipman will receive an official business email address.  It is recommended that they have another email address to use for personal business because they will get hundreds of emails on the USNA address.

U.S. Mail Service

After Plebe Summer, your Mid's mailing address will change.  Anything usually mailed within ten days of the end of Plebe Summer will likely be returned to you; they do not forward.

PLEASE, have your Mid share their permanent USNA mailing address with the Arizona Parents Association in order for them to receive our care packages: 

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