Welcome to the USNA Arizona Parents Club!

As proud parents of current and former students of the United States Naval Academy (USNA), we extend a warm welcome to you. Our club is a tight-knit community of Arizona-based families dedicated to supporting our midshipmen and fostering camaraderie among fellow parents.

At the Arizona USNA Parents Club, we understand the unique challenges and rewards of having a child attend the Naval Academy. Whether it's navigating the application process, supporting our midshipmen through their rigorous training, or simply sharing experiences and advice, we are here for each other every step of the way.

Through a variety of events, fundraisers, and activities, we strive to provide a supportive network for parents, promote the values of the Naval Academy, and celebrate the achievements of our exceptional young men and women.

Join us in our mission to support our midshipmen and strengthen the bond among Arizona families connected to the USNA. Together, we honor their commitment to service and excellence.

Welcome Aboard!

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